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Are you curious about solar Bristol and what it takes to get started? We're here to answer your questions and help you have the best understanding possible. You see, solar is an incredible way to preserve the environment for future generations. It uses a sustainable energy source (the sun) to populate power, so your lights stay on.

Our company, Go Solar Rhode Island, has been in business since 2020, although our experience runs much deeper than that. We use industry-leading materials, tools, and techniques so that your solar panels and system work at full speed 365 days a year. Are you ready to learn more?

We hope you'll call, email, or use our contact form to reach out to the team. We have plenty to tell you. Plus, we'll get you hooked up with a free solar consult!

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See what our customers have to say:
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"So glad my family no longer has to worry about our monthly electricity bill being astronomically high. Appreciate the fast, effective, and affordable solar panel installation. Definitely recommend them!"
- Dave F.
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Designing & Installing Solar Panels for Bristol Residential & Commercial Clients

One of our company's services is solar panels in Bristol, RI. We have a team dedicated to solar panel design and installation. Not every home or business requires the same style and mounting type of solar panels, so we work hard to personalize them for you. We also provide unique solar panels for agricultural customers.

Once your panels are installed, we'll implement the rest of the system. We'll go over inverters and solar power batteries with you to make sure you understand what they are and their purpose. You can count on us to activate your system and teach you how to use it before we leave. We're only a phone call away if you require repair or maintenance services.

We want to help you use the best form of renewable energy available. Please visit the company blog page HERE to learn more about solar power.


There are Tax Rebates and Incentives for Community Solar! Do You Qualify?

Solar energy users in Bristol, RI, have some great programs available. Whether you're a residential, commercial, or agricultural solar user, there is a program with your name on it. Did you know that, in some cases, solar panels and installation can be 100% free of charge? We'll help you find out if you qualify by getting your paperwork to the right offices.

Since the Inflation Reduction act was signed into law, Bristol solar communities can expect to receive a 30% tax credit until 2034. There are also local programs that solar users can take advantage of, such as net metering. Net metering is banking excess solar power you do not use and selling it to the local electric company. They send YOU a check! It pays to go solar.

Are you interested in the ways that solar energy will save you money? Our solar specialists want to chat with you about them. So please reach out to us today!

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Super Solar Services in Bristol, Rhode Island

Solar Repair

Just like any machine that's consistently being used, solar panels and their counterparts require repair from time to time. When your system needs a little TLC, we'll be there to make it happen.


To keep your solar system in Bristol, RI, working well means it needs maintenance services. We offer maintenance as a complementary service to our established customers.

Solar Design Plan

We have an entire team dedicated to the design of your solar system. From the panels to the inverter box and much more. Our goal is to tailor your unit according to the needs of your property.
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Why Choose Rhode Island Solar?

Earth Savvy Staff

We are a group of individuals that truly cares about the environment and preserving its resources. It's great having a team working on your solar system that cares about the planet as much as you do.

Licensed & Insured

You can rest assured that our company plays by the rules. We have every license, certification, and safety precaution put in place for your peace of mind. Our company works on integrity.

Experienced Contractors

Sure, our business may have started in 2020, but that's not where our experience began. Collectively, we have decades of training behind us, and we can't wait to show you what we're made of.
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Get On the Sunny Side of Life with Solar!

Go Solar Rhode Island is a top resource for solar panel design and installation services. Our team would like to schedule a FREE consultation with you today. Call us at (401) 214-9875.
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