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What Makes Go Solar Coventry the Right Choice for You?

Utilizing a solar company that you can trust is seriously a big deal. You obviously don't want to choose an organization that doesn't have your best interest at heart. Our solar Coventry team has the skill, talent, and knowledge to create solar panels and install systems for any residential and commercial property. Did you know we've been in operation since 2018?

Now, that may not seem like a long time, but don't let that date fool you. Our solar specialists each have extensive training in the sustainable energy sector. In addition, we're a fully licensed and insured company that takes its job very seriously. Therefore, the decision to harness the sun's power and ditch your electric company shouldn't be taken lightly. You'll be fully informed when you opt for our team to help you transition.

How about we get you hooked up with a zero-cost, no-strings-attached solar consultation today? You'll learn the pros and even some cons of going solar so that you can make an informed decision. Please call or email us to get started with Go Solar Rhode Island.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"So glad my family no longer has to worry about our monthly electricity bill being astronomically high. Appreciate the fast, effective, and affordable solar panel installation. Definitely recommend them!"
- Dave F.
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Searching for Professional Solar Services in Coventry? We've Got Them!

Opting for solar energy in Coventry is a significant decision for both residential and commercial property owners. However, it has been proving to be one of the wisest choices one can make. Many benefits come with solar energy, such as reducing carbon footprints, saving money on energy costs, and not depleting the earth of its essential resources. Did you know that by going solar, you're creating a cleaner, greener place for generations to come?

Our solar gurus help you get started on your journey by giving you all the tools you need, such as solar panel and system design, system activation, solar tracking services, and routine maintenance. You can count on us never leaving you hanging. Should your system require repair or a newer, more advanced product come on the market, we'll guarantee you get it. The time to go solar is now.

Are you curious about our solar services and how our company runs? Then you'll be encouraged by the facts that our solar blog details. 


Have You Heard? There are Exciting Tax Rebates and Solar Incentives in Your Future!

There are numerous programs available for solar panels for the home in Coventry, RI, and commercial solar users. For example, the federal government just passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which means everyone who goes solar will now receive a 30% tax credit until 2033! There are also state and local solar programs that you may be eligible for, and our team will help you determine which ones.

Have you ever heard of net metering? That is another program many happy solar energy users take advantage of. Basically, when you have solar panels, they collect an overabundance of energy. The energy that you don't use can then be sold to the local electric company, and you get a payout!

All of these programs are incredible, but there is one caveat to the incentives, and that is time and funds. Some programs will wrap up at the end of the year, and some will have their funds depleted. So get on the solar train before it's too late.

We're bringing solar to your Coventry neighborhood. are you ready to get unplugged from the overpriced electric company? We can help you do just that.

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A Solar Service for Every Need

Residential Solar

Solar panels in Coventry for the home are steadily on the rise. When you decide you want the best panels designed for your property, just give us a call, and we'll make it happen.

Commercial Solar

We can't begin to tell you how much solar has changed the commercial sector. It radically decreases the carbon footprint created by large complexes. Are you ready for a healthy change?

Solar Repair

Just like any other equipment, solar panels and system components sometimes require repair. When that time comes, you can count on us to be available to serve.
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Why Choose Go Solar Coventry

Experienced Staff

When you go solar in Coventry, RI, you'll never be left alone. Our solar company is dedicated to humble customer service because we have decades of industry training that you can trust.

FREE Estimates

We'll set you up with a zero-charge solar consultation and quote so that you know exactly what you're getting into. In many cases, your solar system could be 100% FREE!

Licensed & Insured

Just like any other professional business, our company is fully bonded and insured for your protection and ours. We take safe solar design and installation very seriously.
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Get On the Sunny Side of Life with Solar!

Go Solar Rhode Island is a top resource for solar panel design and installation services. Our team would like to schedule a FREE consultation with you today. Call us at (401) 214-9875.
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