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Have you decided that you want to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle? That's incredible! We're insanely proud of you. You've done many things to support the planet until now, but now you're ready for a bigger leap. Solar in East Greenwich, RI, is a service near and dear to our hearts.

We design and install solar panels for residences, business properties, and farmers across Rhode Island state. Since 2020, our company, Go Solar Rhode Island, has dramatically impacted how folks in Rhode Island power their homes and commercial buildings. Will you be our next success story? We hope you'll give our experienced team a chance to make your life brighter through the workings of solar energy. It's going to be a great day!

Our solar specialists have a lot of information to tell you. In addition, they're always ready to answer questions and address concerns about solar. To reach us for a FREE consultation and estimate, fill out the online contact form.

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See what our customers have to say:
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"So glad my family no longer has to worry about our monthly electricity bill being astronomically high. Appreciate the fast, effective, and affordable solar panel installation. Definitely recommend them!"
- Dave F.
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Turning Lights On With Solar in East Greenwich is Our Favorite Past Time

Deciding to install a solar system in East Greenwich is a big decision. However, we firmly believe it'll be one of the best choices of your life. Going solar means you are energy independent and no longer have to rely on an electric company to power your home or commercial space. It's a great feeling! Our company hires only the best solar gurus in the business, which means our customers get stellar service.

We specialize in solar panel design, installation, and activation. Not every home or business is the same, thus making solar panel design a unique process personalized to the customer and their location. We offer solar racking that complements ground, roof, and standalone mounts depending on the size and position of your property. During your no-strings-attached consultation, we can recommend the best way for your solar panels to be installed.

Once all systems go, we'll walk you through activating your equipment. Do solar systems require maintenance? Yes, they do, but they are very minimal. The great news is that Go Solar Rhode Island maintain, repair, and restore your system when necessary. When you trust us with your solar system build-out and installation, you're making a new friend that sticks with you for the long haul.

Is solar right for you? The only way to find out is by conversing with a licensed, seasoned solar specialist. How about giving us a call right now?


Have You Heard? There are Solar Incentives That Save and Make You Money!

There are so many amazing reasons to choose solar energy in East Greenwich, RI, and saving money is one of them. Do you know that your utility bills will be significantly lower after installing solar panels? We'll help you discover how much by using the formulas we've created in our foolproof solar calculators. Another perk of utilizing solar power is the ability to make money! You might be scratching your head and wondering how.

Well, your solar panels will end up generating an overabundance of energy. When that happens, the excess power is banked in solar batteries. You can opt to keep the solar reserves for yourself or sell them to your local electric company. It's a win-win situation either way. It's important to know that many solar incentive programs are available at local, state, and federal levels. Our job is to put you in touch with the ones you qualify for.

Everyone is eligible for tax credits and rebates since the signing of The Inflation Reduction Act. All solar users will receive a tax credit of 30% until 2034! After that, the credit will decrease slightly. Whether you're a farmer or homeowner, there are ways to profit from solar energy. Are you interested in learning how?

We're fully prepared to get your applications signed, sealed, and delivered to the appropriate correspondents on your behalf. But you're not on your own!

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Supreme Solar Services in East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Solar Design Plan

We've got a custom solar panel design plan with your name on it! Solar systems are certainly not one-size-fits-all. That's why we survey your property and gain a full understanding of what you need.

Solar Repair

It's rare that solar panels for the home in East Greenwich require repair. After all, they are built to last a lifetime. However, should the need arise, our team is ready to accommodate you.

Commercial Solar

Are you ready to take your business property to the next level of sustainable energy? Then, solar panel installation is the way to go! We have a plan that will make your company greener than ever before.
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Why Choose to Go Solar?

Experience Counts

Go Solar East Greenwich was founded in 2020, but that's not where our expertise began. Each guru on the team has decades of experience in the sector either working solo or for reputable companies.

We Care About the Planet

It wouldn't make sense to hire a solar company that doesn't actually value the resources of the earth. We truly care about lowering carbon footprints, so the planet continues to thrive and flourish.

No-Cost Consultations

We know you want to know all about solar and how it works. We're dedicated to bringing you FREE information through one-on-one consultations. You can also visit our company blog HERE.
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Get On the Sunny Side of Life with Solar!

Go Solar Rhode Island is a top resource for solar panel design and installation services. Our team would like to schedule a FREE consultation with you today. Call us at (401) 214-9875.
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