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We're Serious About Solar in Pawtucket!

When it comes to solar in Pawtucket, you want a company that you can rely on. Go Solar RI is that company. Our contractors have trained for decades on all the various ways to install solar panels on residential and commercial properties. We're also well-versed in hooking industrial complexes up to solar such as farms and hospitals. So are you ready to reach for the sun?

We're excited to join you on your journey into sustainable energy. By switching to solar, you're making your environment a greener, cleaner place to live. Because the sun is a renewable form of power, it will never deplete the earth of precious materials, nor is it harvested in ways that are harmful to the planet. Solar power is something you can be proud of using.

Are you ready to board the solar train? We're more than happy to be the conductor! Please get in touch with our team today to schedule a FREE consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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See what our customers have to say:
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"So glad my family no longer has to worry about our monthly electricity bill being astronomically high. Appreciate the fast, effective, and affordable solar panel installation. Definitely recommend them!"
- Dave F.
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Supporting Your Independent Solar Energy Goals Through Advanced Technology

Since 2020, we've offered expert solar design in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Now, don't let that date fool you, as our team has been working in the solar sector for many years. There's genuinely nothing we haven't accomplished when it comes to solar panel design, installation, maintenance, and repair services. As a result, we have a solar solution for every residential, commercial, and industrial property.

Go Solar RI is with its customers every step of the way on their journey to sustainable energy. Once we get your panels installed and your system activated, we'll routinely pop back around to your property to perform checks and balances on your solar apparatus. Should you need repairs or product replacement, we'll go ahead and get it taken care of ASAP. Our goal is to ensure there are never any gaps in the flow of electricity to your property.

Are you curious to know more about solar electricity and how it works? You can visit our frequently updated company blog page HERE for a closer look.


Have You Heard About Solar Incentives & Tax Rebate Programs in Pawtucket, RI?

Are you looking for solar panels for your home in Pawtucket? If so, the state and federal governments have set up some exciting incentives for you! If you're a commercial or industrial property owner, you are able to get in on the savings too. Our job is to help you find the appropriate programs based on your economic situation. We'll get all the paperwork filled out and documentation prepared on your behalf.

There are also local programs available like net metering. Net metering is when the electrical company buys your excess solar reserves. It's basically a role reversal because now you're getting paid by the local electric servicer. Aside from net entering, all rebate and incentive programs come with an expiration date and have limited funding, so it is best to get started on your solar swap ASAP, so you don't miss out.

When you're ready to fire your electric company and become energy independent, please call or email us to schedule your no-cost solar consul. 

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Exploring Solar Services in Pawtucket is Fun!

Residential Solar

Are you tired of rising energy costs and want to do something different? Turn to Go Solar Rhode island for residential solutions. We offer panel design, installation, and so much more.

Commercial Solar

Switching out fossil fuel energy for solar at your commercial property is a major step. Allow us to help you along the way!  We provide targeted solar energy solutions for business owners.

Solar Panel Design

Some solar companies have their panels designed by a third party. However, that's not how we do things. We like to keep all projects in-house. Your solar panels are 100% made to order.
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Why Choose Go Solar in Pawtucket?

Experienced Specialists

Our company might be in its infancy but our experience definitely is not. We have decades of experience working in the solar industry on all fronts. You can rely on our team for a job well done.

No-Obligation Consultation

During your FREE consultation, our team will answer your questions, explain how things like solar racking in Pawtucket work, and cost. Once your consult is over, you'll feel confident in solar energy.

Locally Owned Business

Go Solar Rhode Island is a locally owned business that services Pawtucket homes and business properties. We value honesty and integrity. Building relationships with our customers is key.
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Get On the Sunny Side of Life with Solar!

Go Solar Rhode Island is a top resource for solar panel design and installation services. Our team would like to schedule a FREE consultation with you today. Call us at (401) 214-9875.
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