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Are you excited to get started on bringing the benefits of solar energy to your household? Great! We're looking forward to helping you along the journey. You may have heard that our company specializes in solar panels for homes in Rhode Island. That would be a correct assumption.

Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners just like you make the switch to a sustainable power source courtesy of the sun. Your journey begins with a FREE consultation with our solar gurus. During that time, we'll discuss your energy goals with you, assess your property, and determine which panels make the most sense for your circumstances.

Then, we'll send over the feedback to our design team and begin building your system. You might be wondering how you can afford to make such an incredible upgrade to your home.

Don't worry; there are numerous state and federal incentive programs and tax rebates available for residential solar users, and we'll help you get all financial aid that is due to you. Are you ready to get started? Awesome! Simply call, email, or fill out our convenient online contact form to schedule an appointment with Go Solar Rhode Island.

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Tell Me All About the Major Benefits of Installing Solar Panels!

Solar panels for home use in Rhode Island are becoming increasingly popular as time goes by. Every year our team is installing more and more systems while people are waving goodbye to fossil fuel energy sources. The benefits of solar are BIG:

  • Reduces Noise Pollution: A San Diego-based organization conducted an experiment called the Borrego 1 Solar Project, which proved how quiet solar systems genuinely are. Unlike windmills, solar panels have no moveable parts making them the most silent form of a sustainable energy source.
  • Decreases Water Pollution - In 2018, it was estimated that the U.S. energy sector used roughly 58-trillion gallons of water. 2/3 of that total went to cooling power plants. Solar-generated electricity uses substantially less water, making it a greener option.
  • Boosts U.S. Energy Independence - Crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas are imported resources that make America dependent on other countries. Solar power isn't reliant on anyone and isn't affected by price fluctuations.
  • Bolsters the Local Economy - Having residential solar panels installed helps the local economy when your hire contractors from within your community. Solar power creates jobs.
  • Personal Savings - As a homeowner, solar power saves you big money on utilities and helps you live a greener lifestyle.

We love solar energy because it reduces carbon footprints and creates a brighter future for the next generation. Would you like to learn more about the tax rebates and incentive programs associated with solar panel installation for the home? Please visit our company blog page for a wealth of information about these incredible programs.


Are Home Solar Panels in Rhode Island in Your Near Future?

We certainly hope so! And when you make that decision, we'll be here to help you throughout the process. You might be wondering how much solar panels in Rhode Island cost. That's a great question! So, the short answer is that solar panel installation costs are different for every family.

Usually, the price starts at around $17,000, but with the various grants, rebates, and tax incentive programs available for homeowners, you could see that price tag significantly drop. Some families even get their solar panels installed for free!

There is also a program called Net Metering, which monitors the amount of solar energy you have not used, and that amount gets sold to your local electric company, and they cut you a check. Pretty cool, eh? Yeah, we think so too.

So you see, it quite literally pays to switch to solar. Now, we do want to remind you that some of these programs have limited funds and are only available for the current year, so it's best to begin your solar journey as soon as possible.

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We Hope to Help You Get Solar Panels for Your RI Home!

Go Solar Rhode Island is your local resource for residential solar panel installation services. We work hard to bring you the best and most current information available. When you have a solar-related question, you can count on our team to have the answer.

Our top priority is achieving 100% customer trust and satisfaction. You never walk alone when you hire our solar specialists as we're with you from start to finish!

Plus, you'll have access to us for all system maintenance, repairs, and system upgrades as they become available. Now is the BEST time to make the swap from fossil fuel energy to solar. Won't you join us? Call about solar panels for your home in RI.



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Superior Solar Services for Rhode Island Residents

Go Solar Rhode Island offers a plethora of solar panel installation services for residential & commercial customers. From the installation of solar panels to helping customers maintain their systems, our solar specialists do it all. Contact us to learn more.

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Go Solar Rhode Island is a top resource for solar panel design and installation services. Our team would like to schedule a FREE consultation with you today. Call us at (401) 214-9875.
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